Pizza Cone Machine


Pizza on the go equals a pizza cone. Get your pizza cone machine here


This price include 3 sets of machines – The pizza cone maker, oven and warmer

Pizza Cone Machine Introduction

**The new type pizza cones has an appealing appearance and is just as delicious as the traditional pizza.

**It is easy to be made, without hiring a professional cook.

**Also, the pizza cone could be held in your hand like ice cream.It is a fast and convenient food.

**This machine has various applications and you can make more than just pizza

Pizza Cone Machine Main Features

1. Equipped with automatic alarm, could adjust temperature according to different recipe.

2. Soft pizza cone making machine is suitable for restaurant, bakery, cafe etc.

3.This pizza cone machine is made of food grade stainless steel

Pizza Cone Machine Specification

Pizza cone machine
Dimension: 21*14*39 inches
Voltage: 220v/110v
Power: 2600w
Electric currenct:12A
Machine weight: 95lbs

Pizza oven
Dimension: 32*17*21 inches
Voltage: 220v 110v
Electric currency: 10A
Machine weight: 80lbs


Pizza warmer
Dimension:32*17*21 inches
Voltage: 220v 110v
Power: 2000w
Electric currency:10A
Machine weight: 80lbs



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